Floating Reamer

Floating Reamer
Floating Reamer
Product Description
1 Basic operation
  • Work piece that being reamed should be chamfered, and chamfer size is based to the drawings, or subsequent removal as standard.
  • According to the above process, when feeding the reamer into hole, the turning & feeding speed must be slow. Don't produce vibration, and noise (else there will be chatter inside orifice hole).

2 Floating holder on different Machines:

Erect shaft machines (drilling machines, milling machines, special machines) with floating holder
Rotate the dot on the knurled nut to 0 ( to left) (be careful when rotating, you don’t need to lock tightly), then the floating shaft is fastened to the spindle Center.
To align the reamers and the hole Center, then rotate the knurled nut to the right direction to 25 , floating amount is 0.25mm.  Rotate to 50, floating amount is 0.50mm, and so on.
Then you can turn on the machine and start reaming. ( When producing large quantity, after completing work piece positioning device, just align the reamer and hole center , and fix the positioning fixtures, then you can do continuous production).

Horizontal spindle machine (lathes, special purpose machines) with floating holder:
Lathe, special purpose machines just need to adjust the proper floating amount to compensate for the power head spindle and tailstock spindle center line tolerance.
The cutting edge on the reamer head must be 1/2 bigger than the floating holder. You can operate when you align the reamer to the workpiece hole center.
Erect shaft machining center with floating holder:
You can operate with above instruction for the initial time. After the quality is stable, you can increase the speed and feeding rate to 0.5~1.5 times after the reamer goes in the workpiece about 3~4mm. (The exact data depends on  machine precision, workpiece material, cutting tool characters, ect).

3 The cutting allowance information for the holes being processed;

1. The principal of cutting allowance is based on the removal of the machining marks at the last procedure;
  • Work pieces above HRC40 after Heat treatment
    • Before the heat treatment, the work piece is drilled, bored roughly, reamed roughly, reamed precisely; After the heat treatment, the workpiece that needed to be honed, diamond reamed, needs to leave Unilateral allowance 0.02~0.03mm for the next step (Roughness Ra 1.6 and above).
  • Workpiece with Hardness below HRC30
    • Work piece that needs to be reamed directly after drilling needs to leave unilateral allowance, 0.15~0.25mm for hole diameter under 25mm, 0.20~0.35 for hole diameter above 25mm.
  • Workpiece with Hardness below HRC30
    • Work piece that needs to be bored roughly,milled, then reamed precisely needs to leave unilateral allowance, 0.05~0.10mm.
2. The parameters for feed rate, spindle speed depends on the roughness and accuracy required.
3. The parameters can be adjusted by the conditions of the machine.  
4. Special attention: Sufficient cooling oil to prevent high temperature at the part being processed,  and to prevent the chip sticking to the cutting tool, and to make the chip removal smoothly.

4 Special attention:

  • Floating holder is precision tool, knocking and bumping is strictly prohibited 。
  • Floating, centering adjustment knurled locking nuts should not be locked tightly.
  • Chip should not enter into the floating space.

Instructions for use of Ultra precision floating reamer holder (head)
Recommended parameters for carbide reamers;

Dia of hole 1.5-3.5mm 4-7mm 8-12mm 12-20mm
Cutting allowance 0.10mm 0.15mm 0.2mm 0.3mm
¡¡ Speed Feed Speed Feed Speed Feed Speed Feed
Workpiece materials Turn / min Turn /mm Turn / min Turn /mm Turn / min Turn /mm Turn / min Turn /mm
Aluminum alloy 450-550 0.15 350-450 0.13 300-400 0.12 200-300 0.12
Bronze 400-500 0.15 300-400 0.13 200-350 0.12 150-300 0.12
Plastic 450-550 0.15 350-450 0.13 200-350 0.12 200-300 0.12
Glass fiber reinforced resin 450-550 0.15 350-450 0.13 200-350 0.12 200-300 0.12
Inconel 200-250 0.1 250-300 0.12 150-250 0.12 100-150 0.13
Cast iron 400-500 0.15 350-450 0.13 200-350 0.12 150-300 0.12
Medium carbon steel 350-450 0.12 250-300 0.12 150-250 0.12 100-150 0.12
Tool steel 200-350 0.12 200-300 0.1 150-250 0.1 100-150 0.1
300 Series stainless steel 200-350 0.1 200-300 0.1 150-250 0.1 100-150 0.1
400 Series stainless steel 250-350 0.12 250-350 0.12 150-250 0.12 100-150 0.12
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